Ti ProSim™ & Ti PortableSim™

Formerly the Gunfighter Shooting Simulator


Ideal for Entertainment and Training


This shooting simulator is designed to provide skill development and entertainment for shooters of all ages and skill levels. Combining the use of state-of-the-art hardware and unbelievable software with full HD capabilities, this system delivers an incredible simulated shooting experience. Never before has simulated training come this close to the real thing. Shooters can develop their skills using true-to-life replica firearms or real weapons with laser inserts; all within a simulated environment.


Great Options for Value and Versatility


Hardware: There are two different setups available; the Ti ProSim that is designed for fixed installation and the Ti PortableSim which is perfect for taking your system on the road.


Software: With either hardware setup you can choose one (or both) of the sofware packs below:


Entertainment Software Pack is a turnkey package geared towards entertainment and revenue generation and it's great for commercial use at indoor gun ranges, retail stores and simulator rentals. With a vast library of scenarios, there is something for every shooter including zombies, wild west, courses of fire and steel targets. This entertaining and skill sharpening system is perfect for intro level classes (including people who have never touched a gun) all the way up to advanced level shooters. See more here...


Training Software Pack is designed for CCW training and is primarily designed for law enforcement, security and personal protection training. With over 230 video scenarios and instructor lead software, it provides unparalleled firearm skill and judgement training. Whether you are looking for scenarios with an active shooter, a burglary, a domestic dispute or on patrol, the Training Software Pack has your bases covered. With virtual immersion and interactions, the different environments and situations facilitate learning in ways that a classroom cannot. Learn more here...


Not sure what the right system is for your needs? Just make a quick phone call to our helpful sales staff at 303-926-1003.


New Software Releases!

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Make Money with Your Virtual Firing Range


FeatureThe ability to WOW customers with this cutting edge technology speaks for itself. From a revenue generating perspective this system is a compelling option for gun range owners and shooting clubs. With no ammunition expense, you can maximize profits while keeping your customers fully entertained. Your virtual firing range will also have nearly limitless weapons options as laser inserts and recoil kits can be added to most live fire weapons.


In addition, the growing library of scenarios keeps every session on the simulator fresh and exciting. Shooters will revel in the variety of interactive situations and will share their excitement with friends bringing more customers in your door. With online competitions around the corner, this is an exciting time to own a Ti Outdoors simulator!


Simulator Firearm Training and Instruction


The Training Software Pack allows instructors the ability to teach and evaluate novice shooters all the way up to veterans in a variety of environments and situations. The participants tactics and actions affect the outcome of each scenario, just as in real life. This is accomplished with branching video options, which not only add variety to the scenarios, but also enhances the learning experience with valuable feedback. Firearm training has been proven to be accelerated with an entertainment and rewarding environment.


A realistic, repeatable action throughout every training session is necessary in effective training for all levels of shooting. This can be achieved with the implementation and proper use of a commercial shooting simulator. Instruct, apply and review are all key components of teaching students to become better shooters. Regardless of your objective, these virtual firing ranges are always available to assist you and your company in attaining your goals. Implementing them brings learning and entertainment to a new level that directly correlates to an increase in happy customers. The addition of these shooting simulation systems can help drive down ammunition, training time and liability expenses. Depending on your business, the cost savings benefits of a shooting simulator can easily offset the initial investment within only a few months and keep your customers coming back for more. Plus you will be promoting gun safety in your establishment, which is nice.

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