Weapons and Add-ons

With the either the Gunfighter Sport™ or Pro model, you have the ability to use a multitude of different weapons. Additional laser inserts, training tools, recoil kits, tasers, OC canisters and other elements can be added to your system at any time. Also check out:

  • Vibration Vest
  • Portable Projection Screen
  • Additional Scenarios and Software packs
  • Training Room classroom keypad system

Optional items to add to your system:

Recoil Kit w/Laser for Pistol or Rifle

This is a recoil kit by Dvorak. It is a drop-in kit with no modifications for the weapon (firearm is not included). The recoil cycles the weapon and is powered by CO2 in the magazine. Magazines are available in “Windowed” CO2 Canister Magazines and Refillable CO2 Magazines (Refillable Magazines require a refill nozzle).  (Works with Lead Instructor Software, Firing Line, GUNFIGHTER Self-Paced)

Refill Nozzle for Dvorak Recoil Kits

This nozzle attaches to a 20lb CO2 Tank (not included). It allows refillable magazines to be refilled easily and inexpensively.

LockBack Counting Recoil Kit for Glock Full Size Pistols

(includes 2 Magazines – 1 Counting and 1 Hollywood)
This is a recoil kit that is exclusively offered by us. The kit drops into any Glock without any permanent modifications. Recoil is powered by C02 in the magazine and the kit counts rounds fired until empty and will lock back forcing a reload drill. This kit can also induce a force failure drill. (Additional Counting Magazines and Hollywood Style Unlimited Magazines available)

Drop in Laser - TL-269

This is a drop in dry fire laser for double action handguns which allows the shooter to use their own firearm on the simulator. When the firing pin hits the training cartridge, a laser beam is emitted from the gun, and simulates the path of a real bullet.

As you are already accustomed to the weight and feel of your own firearm, your training will feel natural and translate perfectly back to live fire. Plus your sessions will allow you to safely practice your shooting while you work on your stance, sight alignment, trigger pull, and follow through. This laser comes standard as a 9mm with adapter sleeves also available.

Dry Fire Laser Adapter Kits

These adapter kits work with the Laser Insert (TL-269) with no permanent modification and allow dry fire shooting. The Laser Insert fits 9mm and .40 firearms. Adapter kits available: 308,223,.45,.44, shotgun.

Shot Gun Shell Adaptor

Must use in conjunction with a TL-269 Laser (above) 
This is a drop-in shell with a TL - 269 laser (not included) that makes your 12-gauge shotgun interactive with the system. No modifications to your weapon needed. (Weapon not included)  (Works with Lead Instructor Software, Firing Line, GUNFIGHTER Self-Paced) 20-gauge adapter coming soon.

VRG Blue Inert Pistol with Laser

This is a non-gun training and entertainment device. Loaded with a laser and realistic trigger action this gun like device is perfect for applications that a live gun cannot be used.  (Works with Lead Instructor Software, Firing Line, GUNFIGHTER Self-Paced)

Live Fire Upgrade

We are extremely proud to offer the latest in innovation in Live Fire simulation training. There is no need for a specialized screen. The only additional hardware required is a Live Fire Laser added to the rail of your weapon that will allow you to shoot any live fire weapon (with a rail) on any of our courses of fire. This allows for low cost, reliable Live Fire training that can also include the less lethal options such as TASER and OC. (Works with Lead Instructor Software, Firing Line and GUNFIGHTER Self-Paced)

OC Spray Canister

Realistically sized and shaped, pulsing laser canister that fits into standard duty gear OC holsters. Non-tethered, Force fail via operator. (Works with Lead Instructor Software Scenarios). If this laser hits the subject(s) on screen in the appropriate area, that person(s) will react as if they were sprayed with OC.


Laser firing Training Weapon
Ti Training is the Exclusive Authorized Partner for the TASER Trainer Simulation package. The X-26 TASER weapon is manufactured by TASER for Ti Training. It is a non-firing weapon. The weapon has the real Laser sight and countdown timer. The cartridges have 2 lasers at an 8 degree spread. A real TASER cartridge can NOT be fired by this “Safe” weapon. Force fail via operator is a standard feature with the Lead Instructor Software. (Works with Gunfighter Pro Training Scenarios)

Portable Projection Screen

16 x 9 Aspect Ratio (12’ X 6’11” Screen Size)
The projection screen is a portable “DA-LITE – Fast Fold” and comes with a travel case and legs. The size is 12’ x 6’11”, 16 x 9 aspect ratio for HD viewing.

Video Editing Software Upgrade: Ti - Edit

The Scenario editing software allows you to take any video file footage (standard definition or High Definition) and create multiple branching scenarios for use on the system. It includes an easy to use and intuitive system for defining scenes, hit zones (for firearm, OC, TASER, etc.) and branching options. Ask about our 3-Day Advanced Editing Class held at our headquarters in Golden, CO.

The “Firing Line” Marksmanship Application

This software add on program will extend the GUNFIGHTER® into a true marksmanship training system. You can customize qualification courses of fire to include photos of an actual range and targets as well as a specific Course of Fire with scoring. The program is perfect for Handgun and Long Gun training with environmental and ballistics functions.

Law Enforcement Scenario Packages

You can upgrade your GUNFIGHTER PRO scenario package with More Law Enforcement style training scenarios. We offer the full training library of over 600 scenarios that includes an auto shipment of unlimited future scenarios for Free. All packs are loaded with a wide array of judgmental scenarios that are multi branching and work with less lethal and lethal options. (Works with Lead Instructor Software)

Additional GUNFIGHTER Content Packs

Add additional GUNFIGHTER content packs to your system.  New titles will be available throughout the year. Contact us for more info.

SimHunt Hunting Package

Every season is hunting season with this expansive add-on. With birds, wild boars, elk, bears and clays, this package is a hunter's dream. Contact us for more info.

Auxiliary Device Control Box

The wireless control box works with the instructor interface on the GUNFIGHTER® to turn on and off any device that you have in the training environment. Devices that can be plugged in to this control box can be anything from a light bar, to siren, to fog machine etc.  (Works with Lead Instructor Software)

TR - 101 Interactive Classroom Simulator

Highlight of Features:

  • PowerPoint based for ease of use
  • Unlimited Keypads
  • Self-Creation of Training Content
  • Repeatable Training
  • Electronic Polling and Testing
  • Immediate Student Feedback
  • Non- Hardware Dependent
  • Inexpensive
  • Courseware available by experts in the field
  • Load existing PowerPoint lessons making them interactive
  • Free Software

The Training Room is a keypad system that allows an instructor to have everyone in the class connected to the system in real time. While presenting material in either video or verbal format the instructor can poll the class, test on a topic, or can create a discussion on student responses. This powerful training tool helps tremendously in the retention levels of a class and will keep the entire class focused and alert. The students can answer true or false, multiple choice, or rank answers in order. When presenting an instructor knows if his class is following along or should more time be spent on one topic. If there is no need to remediate, the class moves forward with total understanding, saving time and money.

Master Instructor Training

Conducted at either Customer Site or Ti Academy (Golden, CO)
For an Additional Fee of $2,000 Master Instructor Training at your site for 6 Students or at the Ti Outdoors Training Academy in Golden, CO (Denver): Free  Travel Cost to the Golden Academy are Responsibility of Customer.

We recommend the students attend the academy for a full tour of the facility, meeting customer service personnel, sitting with the video production crew for future scenario ideas, learning all options and future options being designed for the system and most important, for the undivided attention of the students allowing the ability for the greatest possible learning.

Inert, replica and Airsoft guns are not classified as firearms and are legal for use by all ages under federal law. However, in some municipalities and states, there are restrictions on these types of guns and it is the buyers responsibility to check with and adhere to their local laws.