Entertainment Shooting Sim

Includes Gunfighter Self-Paced Software (system operator not required), plus:

  • Skill Builders (15 Courses of Fire)
  • Steel Targets (2 Packs of 6 Varieties)
  • Paper Targets (4 Packs of Multiple Targets - 24 total)
  • 6 Timed & Scored Ti Partner Events
  • 7 Wild West Titles
  • 6 Zombie Scenarios and Games
  • Bianchi Cup recreation – All 4 Stages
  • Game Pack: Bottle Shoot, Hostage Targets,  Dueling Tree, Carnival, Chaos City and more.
  • 25 CCW Scenarios - Personal Protection Video Scenarios
  • Bonus Entertainment Pack - 20 CGI target drill and games included!
  • Computer (choice of Laptop or Desktop), Cabling & Sound
  • 2 VRG Blue Inert Pistols with Laser -OR- 3 Dry Fire Laser Inserts (for double action firearms)
  • Ti Scoreboard Software – Score Tracking
  • Hit Detection System
  • HD Projector
  • Base Software
  • 12 Month Warranty


The Sport is the base model but it is a complete system offering a wide array of unique shooting scenes. For example: 

Blood-crazed zombies come to life and infest your town and it’s your job to go in and “take care” of them.

Draw your pistol in an old west fast-draw and protect the villagers against the local gang of bad guys. 

Duck for cover as all hell breaks loose in a Hogan’s Alley shootout.

In addition, multiple scenes and branching outcomes keep shooters on their toes.

Latest Software Now Included!

Bonus Entertainment Pack

The Bonus Entertainment Pack software is now included with the Gunfighter Sport or Pro. The 19 additional titles are:

  • Shark Attack
  • Shoothouse
  • Snowfield
  • Target Recognition
  • Training Orb
  • Varmint Shoot
  • Winter Forest Animals
  • Zombie
  • 4th of July
  • Battleship
  • Carnival
  • Halloween
  • Hogans Alley
  • Interior Range
  • Judgement Shooter Alley
  • Junkyard
  • Junkyard 2
  • Moving Targets
  • Plate Rack

New Hunting Package Available!

The Ultimate Hunting  Add-on is here for the Gunfighter! Contact us to learn more.

The Best of Both Worlds

Using both video based scenarios as well as computer generated images, this system offers the most realistic and entertaining shooting experience available today. Its software offers everything from cowboys, gangsters and zombies to computer generated environments to elite shooting competitions. Plus, more exciting titles are always being added! Stay tuned for details or contact us for details.

Built for Versatility and Profitability

This truly revolutionary simulator system comes standard with state-of-the-art software and hardware to deliver a top notch shooting experience for the commercial market. This system is designed for our customer who is looking to provide heart-pounding entertainment, a unique shooting experience and training options for their customers. Whether you are teaching gun safety, renting out time on shooting bays or providing access to an exclusive heart pounding experience, this simulator will exceed your expectations.

Entertainment Overview Video

Make Money with Your Simulator!

There are many ways to generate revenue with your shooting simulator. Here a few methods many of our customers are using to generate cash. 

The first is to rent time on the simulator to your customers. This method uses the self-paced environment for your customers to pay you by the hour to utilize the system. Many companies are charging customers over $100 per hour, and have been very successful. 

The second way is to enhance any training classes you already have. If you don't have training classes, you could team up with a local instructor to enhance their class. If a normal class charges $100 for a day of instruction, you have the ability to charge double that as your students are given the opportunity to try out the skills they were just taught, instead of just sitting in a class hearing about them. 

We even have customers who have rented out time on their simulator for various business or personal functions, like corporate Christmas parties, bachelor parties and other occasions. These types of events are quite successful and enjoyed by everyone.

Financing Available!

Contact us for details