The NEW Gunfighter Leaderboard (GF Leaderboard) feature will allow you to create events with select games/drills and give access to selected players through a pre-set date and time.

Once a player/contestant is entered into the event, GF Leaderboard will automatically record and save the players best/highest score and apply it to that events ranking in real time.

How it Works

A shooter simply selects which event they wish to participate in and which game/drill they want to shoot. Once a player has completed the game/drill, GF Leaderboard will automatically apply their highest/best score, regardless of when they received that score.

As a store owner, you will be able to connect ALL of your Gunfighter Pro/Sport simulators to the leaderboard network across your store. The Leaderboards can be displayed to any screen in your store via hardwire connection or wireless connection.

Create and control events with the easy-to-use Leaderboard system

What's Included?

  1. Leaderboard Computer
  2. Leaderboard Software Suite
  3. Wireless Network Router
  4. Pack 1 of Leaderboard Enabled Games/Drills:
  • Jurassic Run (1 Demo Stage, 2 Full Stages)
  • Timber Creek Pk1 (5 Drills)
  • Defensive Shooting Drills (Forest Pack 1 = 8 Drills)
  • Bowling Deluxe
  • Reaction Time Drills

GUNFIGHTER Leaderboard

Check out all the things you can do with it!

  1. Track Shooter's Scores and Weapon Calibrations
  2. Interconnect Countless Gunfighter Pro/Sport Simulators Wirelessly
  3. Create and Host Events with Specific Date and Time Availabilities
  4. Co-Operative Games with Individual Shooter’s Scores
  5. Archive Shooters Names, Member #’s, etc for Future Events
  6. Broadcast Live Scores Throughout Your Store
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